The notorious spyware FinFisher, used to infect mobile phones and computers to place targets under surveillance, has been found in a Sydney data centre. Key points: Researchers uncover FinFisher's Growing Number of Governments Using FinFisher Spyware Oct 15, 2015 Company That Sells 'FinFisher' Spying Tool Got Hacked

New versions of FinFisher mobile spyware discovered in

ISPs May Be Helping Hackers to Infect you with FinFisher Sep 21, 2017 ISP Involvement Suspected in the Distribution of FinFisher

FinFisher Spyware - defense against it?

Jul 11, 2019 FinFisher Mobile Spyware Tracking Political Activists Aug 31, 2012 Top gov't spyware company hacked; Gamma's FinFisher leaked Aug 06, 2014 FinFisher | 411-spyware FinFisher is a clandestine program primarily used by national governmental agencies to spy on targeted computers using the so-called Remote Monitoring and Deployment Solutions. Even though the malign program is usually used for surveillance purposes by authoritative agencies, there is a chance that your computer could be infected with this malicious program as well.