Tony and Doug try to convince a scientist on the island of Krakatoa that the volcano he has been studying is about to unleash the most powerful eruption the world has ever known.

Oct 18, 2018 Amazon®.com: Watch Time Tunnel Season 1 | Prime Video His shows had high amounts of Fantasy but also some serious sci-fi concepts, and rarely a week went by without one or another of his shows being aired on both sides of the Atlantic. The Time Tunnel follows the adventures of 2 scientists who are trapped in time, and each week land in an eventful moment in History. Search Menu on Hulu Jun 03, 2020

Watch The Time Tunnel - Season 1, Episode 29 - Raiders From Outer Space: Tony and Doug arrive in Khartoum, November 2, 1883, in the middle of a battle between British and Arab forces. However,

Chase Through Time. Season 1, Episode 24. Planting a bomb in the time tunnel, a saboteur leads Tony and Doug on a chase through three epochs. Tony: James Darren. Nimon: Robert Duvall. Doug: Robert

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Congress has poured seven billion dollars into a large and deep hole in the ground - the home of Project TicToc and its revolutionary new technology, the Time Tunnel. A mechanism intended to access past and future, the tunnel is not quite ready despite a decade of work and all the billions. The Time Tunnel - Wikipedia The Time Tunnel is also a portal connecting the Time Tunnel "complex" with the same time periods in which Doug and Tony are located. Other people can also be relocated by the Time Tunnel from their time to another time as Machiavelli is switched from his own time to the time of the Gettysburg Campaign of 1863. Watch Popular TV Shows Online | Hulu (Free Trial)