VPN Tracker is the leading Apple Mac VPN client and compatible with almost all IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN and PPTP VPN gateways (Try VPN Tracker for free).Please refer to the following table to find out if the VPN Tracker team has already successfully tested VPN Tracker with your DrayTek VPN gateway.

This document introduces how to set up Vigor Router to be a SSL VPN server, and how to establish a SSL VPN Tunnel and use SSL Applications on SSL clients. A. Configur ation on Vigor Router. Create SSL VPN User Account: Go to SSL VPN >> User Account, click on an Index number to add/edit an account. Enable this account. Scroll the list of applications until you find DrayTek Smart VPN Client or simply click the Search feature and type in "DrayTek Smart VPN Client". The DrayTek Smart VPN Client app will be found automatically. Notice that after you click DrayTek Smart VPN Client in the list of apps, some data regarding the application is made available to you: I have 10 Draytek SSL Users all setup and working fine connecting back to a Draytek 2960 but I have 1 that just refuses to work. I've reinstalled the Draytek Smart VPN Client, I've copied the profiles.cfg to another laptop and it works fine. The settings are the exact same as the ones that work. Here is what the log file on the laptop has to say - In my local mac VPN settings, I am putting as the "server address", and connecting my latop to the LAN port of the ZTE (So it can see the WAN port of the draytek directly with NAT/port forwarding as a test). In the "authentication" settings, I put the user password and "shared secret" I setup in the Vigor. VPN Remote Dial In User - IPsec XAuth MacOS VPN Remote Dial In User - IPsec XAuth iOS VPN Remote Dial In User - Smart VPN Client VPN Remote Dial In User - Windows SSL VPN connectie problemen bij gebruik van iOS13 & MacOS 10.15 Smart-VPN app voor Android (SSL VPN) Smart-VPN app voor iOS (SSL VPN) CyberGhost VPN en DrayTek Router Sep 04, 2017 · How to setup Vigor Router as a SSL VPN server, and how to dial up a SSL tunnel to Vigor Router from a remote PC with Smart VPN Client. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "17 - Map Static MAC to Port Dec 19, 2018 · I’ve heard from suppliers that there soon might be support for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client with Meraki. However, due to this issue we’ve been forced to use the Draytek client. Which has been working without fail for lots of our users.

Sep 04, 2017 · How to setup Vigor Router as a SSL VPN server, and how to dial up a SSL tunnel to Vigor Router from a remote PC with Smart VPN Client. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "17 - Map Static MAC to Port

Setting up a Draytek Vigor router for an SSL VPN connection is a bit lengthy process, where you need to create an account, establish its connection with web application and then use the Smart VPN client.

Oct 21, 2015 · Now you have three options to enable VPN passthrough DrayTek router, you can run VPN client behind Vigor router depending on the protocol without need to set any extra changes, or you can disable the router’s own VPN facility and open the required ports, or you can resort to use the DMZ.

VPN Configuration on Vigor 2925. 1. Create a Remote Dial-In User profile in VPN and Remote Access >> Remote Dial-In User. a. Enable this account. b. Type the Username and Password. c. Select L2TP with IPsec Policy as Must. 2. Type the Pre-Shared Key inVPN and Remote Access >> IPsec General Setup. VPN Configuration on PC (Windows 7 built-in VPN Connecting to VPN server using SmartVPN client software. Smart VPN client is a VPN client utility made by DrayTek, a VPN router hardware vendor. Since they know a lot about VPN, they make a better client configuration utility than Windows does. Step 1. Download and install Smart VPN client. Step 2. Open it and try to create a new connection. #This is the Draytek forward facing IP address right= rightsubnet= Put your PSK password in ipsec.secrets : # /etc/ipsec.secrets - strongSwan IPsec secrets file #The IP is the forward facing IP of the VPS %any : PSK "SomeStrongPassword#" I was advised to set the advanced IPSec conf of the Draytek as follows : VPN Tracker DrayTek Vigor VPN Gateway vpn.example.com Office Network 192. 68. 3.0 / 2 5.2 .0 This guide assumes that the Mac running VPN Tracker already has internet connectivity. The office's DrayTek device (the “VPN gateway”) is also already connected to the Internet and can be accessed through a static IP address or DNS host name. In our Jun 24, 2020 · DrayTek Smart VPN Client is a tool for making a VPN connection with Vigor router. It integrates the dial-up networks and simplifies the procedures to setup dial-up networks and IPSec security policy, especially L2TP over IPSec. The program has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. 4. Cấu Hình router DrayTek làm VPN server 4.1. Tạo User VPN SSL trên router DrayTek Vào SSL VPN >> User Account, chọn index bất kì để tạo VPN Profile. 4.2. Cấu hình VPN profile - Check “Enable this account”để kích hoạt profile - Tạo thông tin “Username and Password” để client đăng nhập The Shrew Soft Client has been reported to work with Draytek products. If you have experience with this gateway type and use it in conjunction with the Shrew Soft VPN Client, please consider contributing a Wiki howto document.