If you already have an account and you have a new PlayStation system you do not need to create a new account, simply sign in to PlayStation Network with your existing account details. Once your account has been created we advise that you find out more about how to manage account functions.

Deleting and replacing a master account - PlayStation create another acount on the ps3 make an online id, log into your mothers account, log off online (if you set it to automaticly) log into new PSN id. Sign In or Register to Get Started Using Walgreens.com Create a new account. FAQs

PS4 Press New User on the main login page. If the console is already signed into an account, you …

How do I make a PlayStation account? | AnswersDrive Your Online ID is the name shown when you play games online and use other online features on PSN.Each Online ID is unique to a Sony Entertainment Network account and is permanent.PSN users are unable to: change an Online ID once it has been created. set up a second SEN account linked to an existing Online ID.

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In this video the tutor shows how to sign on to the Playstation network using Playstation 3. To connect to a Playstation network you will need a PS3 Controller and the PS3 itself. First signing on to the system, go to the System Settings. Then go to the network settings and you will need to configure your internet settings as shown in this video. It shows the different ways connecting to an How do i set up an online account the ps3? | Yahoo Answers