Jan 24, 2017 · And the best thing is that many of these websites offer free services. Here’s a rundown of the top websites, in alphabetical order, which can provide you the proper know-how in computer troubleshooting and tech support: 1. Bleeping Computer. Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, you can find troubleshooting help on this site. Google usually sends me to a number of online forums and content farms that don't solve my problems. Why is this? Like Dean mentioned it's the search phrase. Apr 28, 2015 · "Computer Hope" is an aptly-named web site offering useful online resources, a very active set of forums and a free email support service. I found the forums particularly responsive. Well worth trying next time you run into a PC problem.

PC Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide 3 Windows reports smaller capacity in the Windows Explorer tool and in the My Computer window because it shows information about one partition on the hard disk drive at a time. The first partition contains the System Recovery information. Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Jun 09, 2019 · Bleeping Computer Forums also have different support sections for mobile devices, Linux, and gaming. Computer Hope Forums: This website the Computer Hope Forums has been in the upfront for many years in the field of tech troubleshooting. But whereas the forums are very much Windows-centric, but will be very much useful for the Windows users. Aug 01, 2015 · Windows 10 - Some Websites Won't Load and Windows Update Not Working I just upgraded to Windows 10 and my computer is now less functional. I have internet connectivity (home WiFi), but certain webpages won't load at all, including basic ones (e.g. Hulu.com) and web searches for solutions to this problem. Once your computer is in Safe Mode, launch the problematic software and try to replicate the problem you had while your computer was in normal mode. If you don't have the same problem in safe mode, there's a good chance that the issue was caused by your OS or another program, not by the application you are troubleshooting. 11.

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