Just a quick correction: ANY router with built-in WiFi can turned into a Wireless Access Point. If it DOESN'T have a built-in modem, the way to avoid the router function is to use one of its LAN ports for the upstream connection. That is to say DO NOT use the WAN port or you will have two routers …

Nov 10, 2019 · After having made sure that both routers are connected correctly, we will turn on the second router and observe the lights on the front of the device. If we see that the WiFi LED is flashing yellow or similar, then we can proceed to configure the two routers. Configure router 1 to have an Internet connection on router 2 With the ISP I work for, you can only have one modem per internet package. You'd have to open another account to have another modem and even then, I believe most routers only have one WAN port. The configuration is cable modem to network switch, network switch to 2 routers, (2 IP address's purchased through comcast). I have used different modems, switch's, and routers over the years but always the same config. Now I replaced just the modem and I can get one or the other router to work but not both at the same time. May 25, 2010 · Using 2 routers with one modem (one for G and one for N) by quiksandy May 25, 2010 5:55AM PDT I need help running 802.11g and 802.11n simultaneously without dragging the n down to the g speed. Bell 2wire modem/router default IP address is Rogers SMC router default IP address is Apple Airport Extreme default IP address is Belkin router default IP address is Netgear router defaul IP address is Perform the following steps in order to establish MAIN router's IP address: a.

How do you connect two routers to one modem? I have a Netgear WNDR3700 presently connected to my modem. I would like to connect an additional router Netgear AC1750Smart WiFi (R6400) to this modem. Can anyone please spell out the procedures to accomplish this objective. Thank you. Solved! Go to Solution. Message 1 of 2

You can but it makes no sense to attach two routers. It would actually be better to attach two modems to one router. Having two routers even if it is for different internet services and what not makes no sense. You will just need one router and that will be sufficient. It came with an installation disc, which you should use to connect to the modem through the USB. Now if you do not have a router, but have a similar modem to the one shown, you can connect two computers off the one broadband modem and thus both accessing the internet. One computer can connect through the USB port and the other through the Ethernet.

Apr 16, 2009

Keep in mind that with the modem in Bridge mode and two routers running, both routers are independent of each other unless you happen to configure a VPN between the two. Without that VPN inter-connect, each network would run independently from the other one. Connecting multiple routers together may be necessary if you have one of the following issues:-Your Internet provider has provided you a Modem/Router (two in one) and you want to connect a new router to it.-You want to expand the amount of Ethernet ports in your network (without a switch) Jan 11, 2020 · Don't add a switch between modem and router. Yes, the modem only (typically) doles out one ip address. So if you have a switch, the FIRST thing to talk to the Internet gets it, the other is blocked. And you have to reboot the modem each time you switch. You need to figure out if is the modem or router that is rebooting.