Google provides a widely popular webmail, Gmail, but also an associated outgoing mail server which can be used on a desktop mail application like Thunderbird or Outlook to deliver your messages. To do that, you need to enter the SMTP server settings of Google’s into its configuration panel: Click on the SMTP server (if there is more than one server listed here, click on the one related to your own account. Note: these configuration steps need to be done for every SMTP server you have listed here). 9. Click the ‘Edit’ button (as highlighted below). Feb 16, 2019 · The benefits of using SMTP server cannot be over emphasized, with an SMTP server we can send email from our local server. Thus, giving us the ability to test the email functionality on the local Google SMTP Server is an unparallel service that millions of people in the field are not aware of it. The newbies can use Gmail as SMTP to send email to clients, followers, readers, or the audience. We are going to take the readers through detailed information on Google SMTP Server.

How to Use Google’s Free SMTP Server. By Jithin on March 4th, 2016. How to use Google’s free SMTP server as outgoing mail server? Yes Google’s Gmail offers a free SMTP server which can be used anyone who has Gmail account. Follow the steps given below to configure it. 1) Login to your Gmail account.

If you have Google Apps for Domain/G Suite or GMail and would like to use GMail as your SMTP server, click Settings -> Site Settings then use the following information: Server name:; Port: 465 (SSL) or 587 (TLS) Username and password must be specified; If GMail still rejects the authentication, you may need to enable the Oct 05, 2019 · If you want to use an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook to send emails from your Gmail address, you need to enter the correct Gmail SMTP settings. While some email clients do this Dec 20, 2017 · I used today WP Mail SMTP I used google apps for smtp authentication and testing it with test but if I fill website fom, no mail is received I also tried hosting email address for smtp authentaction. This was also successful in sending test mail, but for form mail — no mail received, although giving success output. In this article, MailCot Described Should We Use Google’s Free SMTP Server to Send Emails, Google Gmail gives 3,000 emails per month free, Today we want to explore a few solutions ways that you can use Google's or Gmail free SMTP Service as a way to send emails in web applications, with custom domains,

Google's Gmail, a free web-based e-mail service, may be configured to send and receive e-mail using an e-mail client application. In order to use Gmail as a SMTP server, both the Gmail account and the e-mail client installed on the computer (such as Outlook) must be configured.

May 16, 2018 · In the SMTP server, use, 587 as the TLS port, or 465 if SSL. Input your Gmail address and password. Once you add the account successfully, Google will send a confirmation code to the non-Gmail account. Click on the link or enter the code in the provided field to confirm the account. May 02, 2019 · Google SMTP server is a free service that will enable you to send emails from your website, web app or domain. SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it allows you to send emails between servers. Most emails are sent from this server – in fact, if you use Gmail or any Google app, you are using this server. Jan 31, 2019 · The outgoing SMTP server,, requires TLS. Use port 465, or port 587 if your client begins with plain text before issuing the STARTTLS command. Libraries and Samples. Accessing mail using IMAP or POP and sending mail using SMTP is often done using existing IMAP and SMTP libraries for convenience.