@Sunny01419858 @virginmedia My Internet in RM6 area is pretty slow. Can virgin media confje if there is a problem in the area. If not can you investigate as it has been pretty slow since the last few days. Can you have the courtesy to update your clients and tell them if there is a problem

I have a Velop connected to a Virgin Media Super Hub, which is in modem only mode. When I connect a laptop direct to the Super Hub, I get approximately 390Mbps download and 36Mbps up. When I run the Velop's built-in Speedtest, I get 390Mbps down and 11Mbps up. This is extremely consistent and is obv Slow transfer speeds WD Mycloud 4TB - My Cloud - WD Community Hi there, This seems to be quite a common problem from what I am reading but one I can not seem to resolve. Here is my setup: 4TB WD My Cloud connected to: Virgin Media Superhub With the supplied ethernet cable Laptop with gigabit ethernet (confirmed in network settings) Connected to Virgin Media Superhub via Cat5e cable. (Tried multiple cables) I have no antivirus. I have tried disabling Why is Tivo so slow — Digital Spy Why was the Tivo I bought in 2000 (15 years ago) about 10 times faster than my VM Tivo today. And it also did more - and by more, I mean the sort of things I actually want to do rather then the wizzy nonsense of today's box, like copy recorded programs straight off the Tivo onto my PC via a network connection.

Got a new Virgin Media package for my new place yesterday. On an M350 Broadband only package. Connected via wifi on my phone, using speedtest.net I get 350-380 down, whereas I connect via ethernet to the hub and I get a max of 150 down. I have checked all cables, ports, local connections, all running at 1Gbps so no issues in connection to it.

Apr 08, 2019

Slow Broadband? Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

Having issues with your Broadband speeds? | Virgin Media If you’re still experiencing slow speeds with your Virgin Media Business broadband service after following the online guidance, please contact our Customer Care team. Virgin Media invests more than £1 billion a year in its ultrafast network. Very slow Virgin Media Internet speed for evenings My Virgin Media is also very slow tonight, and connection keeps on … My Virgin Media is also very slow tonight, and connection keeps on dropping more than usual Read less Read more. 220mb here, most people around me are on dsl so cable is quick. Virgin Media Hub 3 0 Slow Wifi Speed Problem Across Aug 28, 2017 Computer care for fast home internet – Virgin Media