There was a judge who tried to throw a case out of the court because the woman went to sleep after "it", which the judge called conduct unbecoming of an Indian women of character. There's value based questions in fucking 10th grade, when they should be required for these jobs.

Trump names Indian American Vijay Shanker as DC judge Jun 26, 2020 How powerful is an Indian judge? - Quora Apr 11, 2020 "The Robing Room: FL State Judges

This judge is simply not intelligent enough to perform her job competently. She does not know the law and she should be removed from the bench. She is an embarrassment to Indian River County. She is definitely one of Florida's worst judges.

When an Indian who owns trust property dies, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) prepares information relating to the person's family history and property holdings for submission to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or Indian Probate Judge (IPJ) in the Probate Hearings Division, …

Letters of an Indian Judge to an English Gentlewoman

Jun 26, 2020 Filing a Complaint The name of the judge and the court. All cause numbers (if related to a case.) Names and contact information for all attorneys who represented you at any time (if related to a case.) A concise, detailed, written statement of the judge's specific conduct you believe … APO/HJS/CIVIL JUDGE/Indian evidence Act 1872, SECTION 15 Jul 24, 2020 Indian judge draws flak for 'misogynistic' order in rape case NEW DELHI, June 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An Indian judge faced an outpouring of anger on Thursday after he cast doubt on a woman's rape claim, calling her description of events