Privoxy can be chained with any of squid, polipo, tinyproxy, etc. for the purpose of local HTTP caching, although how much use this is to the average user on a fast, unmetered broadband connection is rather questionable, particularly if the cache is running on an embedded device such as a router.

Privoxy microsocks OpenVPN. Description. Privoxy is a free non-caching web proxy with filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, manipulating cookies and modifying web page data and HTTP headers before the page is rendered by the browser. Privoxy is a "privacy enhancing proxy", filtering web pages and removing advertisements. PiHole with Privoxy (PIA) : unRAID The PiHole address is set as a network-wide DNS on my Unifi network. Each works well separately. On my Apple devices, I set the proxy server to the Privoxy address. The DNS is picked up as the Pihole (in a separate menu) since its set network-wide. However, in this setup, the Pihole seems to be bypassed and all my traffic gets sent through Privoxy. Tor Browser + Privoxy: how to make them work together TBB 6.0.8, Privoxy 3.0.26 What I did - in the Privoxy configuration file prescribed listen-address forward-socks4 / . leaking the hosts you try to visit to your DNS server. socks5t is intended for tor usage. socks4a, how do i get Privoxy to use a proxy? | Wilders Security Forums Jan 07, 2006

Aug 16, 2012

If Privoxy's DNS requests to a local DNS server are a bottle neck there's probably something wrong with the DNS server. I'm not sure what you mean by "autonomous lookups", but Privoxy uses the operating system's libc to do DNS lookups, so it's not that autonomous in the first place. Privoxy / Bugs / #814 privoxy 3.0.15 returns a 503 on DNS

macos - dnsmasq + dnssec + dnscrypt-proxy + privoxy

Filtering DNS and HTTPS Traffic on pfSense. This tutorial will try to describe how to implement DNS and web filtering of HTTPS traffic (including decryption and sslbump) within a small home or office network using pfSense firewall, Squid proxy, Dns Safety filter and Web Safety ICAP filter.. All components of this network will be managed using admin friendly browser based user interface with